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The Institute for the Transformation of Learning (ITL) serves as one of several parental choice support organizations in Milwaukee, WI and around the country.

Dr. Howard Fuller, the nationally-recognized parental choice leader, founded ITL in August 1995 to support education options that transform learning for children, whilst empowering families (particularly low-income families) to select the best options for their children.

A wide range of foundations and individuals support ITL with a common interest in achieving major educational reform. ITL works with a wide variety of individuals and groups throughout Milwaukee area, including parents, students, school reform activists, policy makers, funders, business people, and educators to assist them in developing ideas and implementing plans that foster creative approaches in transforming learning for children.

The primary beneficiaries of ITL's work are low-income children and families in the City of Milwaukee, and children anywhere who are being ill-served by the current systems of education.

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